California Pellet Grills is an authorized dealer of your favorite high-quality barbecue grills, including Green Mountain Grills, Traeger Grills and Yoder Smokers.

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Wood Pellets

From apple to hickory and everything in between, we sell a variety of wood pellets from BBQr’s Delight, Cookinpellets, Green Mountain Grills and Traeger.

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Shop the latest barbecue accessories from A-MAZE-N Smokin’ Products, Bear Paws, Butcher BBQ, Frogmats, GrillGrate and Maverick Housewares.

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Season your meals to perfection with 25 unique rubs from Butcher BBQ, Green Mountain Grills, Head Country, Slap Yo’ Daddy and Traeger.

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There’s something for everyone in our specially-curated collection of barbecue sauces from Head Country, Rufus Teague and Traeger.

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